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Fueled by a passion for wine and a desire to return to the land, Tricia and Steve embarked on a journey that would fulfill their regenerative farming and winemaking dreams. They found their catalyst in a chance encounter with renowned winemaker Dylan Sheldon at a micro-winery in Santa Rosa, California. What was intended as a brief tasting blossomed into a profound two-hour conversation on viticulture and winemaking techniques, revealing a mutual ambition for crafting exceptional and unique wines. As they departed, Steve’s single word, “Kismet,” perfectly captured the serendipitous meeting.

After nearly two years of searching, choosing the Cowichan Valley for their winery was another stroke of fate. The region’s stunning landscape and favorable conditions for cultivating their favorite cool-climate varietals made it an ideal choice. The moment they set foot on what would become Cobble Hill Winery, they knew they had found their new home.

Today, Cobble Hill symbolizes Steve, Tricia, and Dylan’s collective vision and dedication. Their signature white wine, “Kismet,” embodies their auspicious journey—a fusion of innovation, adventure, land stewardship, and the destined encounter that made their dreams a reality.

Welcome to a place where innovation intertwines with heirloom varietals and where every moment is worth savoring.

– Cobble Hill Winery

Steve standing in front of barrels



Steve, a seasoned wine enthusiast with farming roots, had long dreamt of owning a vineyard and winery. His relocation to California and frequent vineyard visits amplified his passion, which reached a crescendo when he met Tricia, a fellow wine aficionado who shared his dream. Both yearned for a career shift and a return to the land. As a sustainability and regenerative farming blogger, Steve was eager to apply his insights to real-world practice. After much searching they found their home in the Cowichan Valley, marking the beginning of their vinicultural adventure.

Tricia in the vines



Tricia dreamed of moving to the countryside, where she could immerse herself in the tranquility of nature, surrounded by vineyards. She pictured an inviting estate where she could entertain family and friends, complete with the playful company of dogs, cats, and horses. Steve shared her dream of owning a winery. Tricia knew that retirement alone wouldn’t fulfill them. They needed a joint project, and as wine lovers, they were eager to learn about winemaking and see if they could produce something exceptional. She looks forward to sharing their wines and their picturesque farm, stating, “I really do love hosting people.

Dylan Sheldon Winemaker in the Cobble Hill barrel room



With 27 vintages of experience spanning France, Australia, New Zealand, and California, Dylan brings unparalleled expertise and passion to Cobble Hill Winery. Known for meticulous attention to detail, robust problem-solving skills, and an unwavering focus on quality, he has crafted award-winning wines for Sheldon Wines and an esteemed list of clients. Blending biodynamic techniques with innovation, Dylan continually raises the benchmark on sustainable wine production. His curiosity, thirst for knowledge and dedication to crafting exceptional wines that reflect Cobble Hill’s unique terroir are reflected in every sip.

Our Vineyards

Beginning in 2023, Cobble Hill’s vineyard is experiencing a renaissance under the management of proprietors Steve, Tricia, and their winemaker, Dylan. They added to the original vineyard—robust reds of Castel and Cabernet Libre, aromatic whites of Siegerrebe, Bacchus, and a Dijon Clone Pinot Noir—with a range of new varieties, enriching the palette of flavors and aromas.

The white wine selection is expanding to include Viognier’s exotic notes, Albarino’s crispness, Verdelho’s uniqueness, and Rkatsiteli’s ancient allure. For the reds, Zweigelt was introduced, offering a spicy new profile to Cobble Hill’s repertoire. In 2024, the planting of 3,500 additional vines included more whites such as Grüner Veltliner, Gewürztraminer, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Thriving in the cool maritime climate and glaciofluvial soils of the Cowichan Valley, the vines of Cobble Hill represent the unwavering dedication to innovation, heirloom varietals, and winemaking excellence—a true reflection of the Winery’s spirit.


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